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Our History | Caribbean Meal Prep Norwich


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Hello my adventurous, food lover…

My name is Geoff Mayers, I founded Norwich Soul Kitchen two years ago as I believe that food can be used to create positive impact on people’s lives. Here’s why we do, what we do…

Norwich Soul Kitchen was founded during the strange times of lockdown when Covid-19 hit us all real hard, everything changed for us all. I decided to pursue my dream of cooking the food I love and starting a business. Norwich Soul Kitchen was founded, during the strange times of lockdown, things changed for all of us. My dream has always been to bring people together through well-thought out, amazing full flavoured food. Sourced from local and trusted suppliers creating wonderful produce in East Anglia mixed with a good dash of soulful Caribbean influence.

Norwich Soul Kitchen will give back to the islands through food, and make a positive impact through educating and growing an understanding that Caribbean food is not just hot chilli or jerk chicken. Great quality Caribbean food was missing from the food scene. Explore our flavoursome Barbados and Trinidad influenced menu and let us take you on an adventure.


I have always loved cooking, from as long as I can remember. Memories of cooking with my mum and Grandmas, being curious and asking far too many questions!! I started with cakes and bakes and licking the spoon of cookie mix…Later, I won my first competition at school and this sparked a career in cooking. Being young and full of energy, I left school early to help mum with rent, I loved working and being productive.

Wanting to live in the sunshine (I believe it was the Caribbean in me), I left for Spain at 21 year old, and lived there for almost 15 years, working in kitchens and on the music scene. I fell in love with DJ work and came back to the UK to raise a family with my wife. I then went to culinary school at 30+ year’s old, and completed my degree in Culinary Art, realising I loved learning new things!!


Our team transfer years of passion and Caribbean knowledge to drive Norwich Soul Kitchen to offer value for money, with well thought out food, cooked with love. The influence of my family recipes and flavas from the Caribbean and our adventures in Europe to make your taste buds zing! Our food transports you to the islands and is fun, makes you smile, bringing music and sunshine to your life! With vegan options and many dietary options, we aim to please.

We support local food charities and we minimize our footprint by using wastage and utilise many fully recyclable products. Come and see us at Last Pub Standing or order from one of our delivery platforms. We are bringing much more your way, so follow our socials for up to date, exciting content and information.